Southernmost Bocce Teams







AUG 20-23 Angelina's Pizza Sudden Death A
  Wayne's World The Big Lebocce B
  Harpoon Harry's Cracked Conch C
  Who RGC Insurance D
  Blue Heaven DJ's Clam Shack E
  Higher Primates Jeff's Gems F
  Schooner Wharf Bone Island Bocce G
AUG 27-30 Higher Primates DJ's Clam Shack A
  Bone Island Bocce Jeff's Gems B
  Wayne's World Angelina's Pizza C
  Harpoon Harry's Sudden Death D
  Schooner Wharf The Big Lebocce E
  Who Cracked Conch F
  Blue Heaven RGC Insurance G
SEP 3-6 Who Sudden Death A
  Blue Heaven Cracked Conch B
  Higher Primates RGC Insurance C
  Jeff's Gems Schooner Wharf D
  Wayne's World Harpoon Harry's E
  The Big Lebocce Angelina's Pizza F
  Bone Island Bocce DJ's Clam Shack G
SEP 10-13 Bone Island Bocce RGC Insurance A
  Schooner Wharf Angelina's Pizza B
  Blue Heaven Sudden Death C
  Higher Primates Cracked Conch D
  Jeff's Gems DJ's Clam Shack E
  Wayne's World Who F
  The Big Lebocce Harpoon Harry's  
SEP 17-20 DJ's Clam Shack Schooner Wharf A
  Higher Primates Sudden Death B
  The Big Lebocce Who C
  Jeff's Gems RGC Insurance D
  Angelina's Pizza Harpoon Harry's E
  Bone Island Bocce Cracked Conch F
  Wayne's World Blue Heaven G
SEP 24-27 BYE WEEK    
OCT 1-4 Jeff's Gems Cracked Conch A
  Angelina's Pizza Who B
  DJ's Clam Shack RGC Insurance C
  The Big Lebocce Blue Heaven D
  Bone Island Bocce Sudden Death E
  Wayne's World Higher Primates F
  Schooner Wharf Harpoon Harry's G
OCT 8-11 Angelina's Pizza Blue Heaven A
  Wayne's World Bone Island Bocce B
  Harpoon Harry's Who C
  Jeff's Gems Sudden Death D
  The Big Lebocce Higher Primates E
  Schooner Wharf RGC Insurance F
  DJ's Clam Shack Cracked Conch G
OCT 15-18 The Big Lebocce Bone Island Bocce  
  Harpoon Harry's Blue Heaven B
  Angelina's Pizza Higher Primates C
  Schooner Wharf Who D
  RGC Insurance Cracked Conch E
  DJ's Clam Shack Sudden Death F
  Wayne's World Jeff's Gems G
OCT 22-25 BYE WEEK    
OCT 29-NOV 1 Cracked Conch Schooner Wharf A
  The Big Lebocce Jeff's Gems B
  Wayne's World DJ's Clam Shack C
  Angelina's Pizza Bone Island Bocce D
  Who Blue Heaven E
  Harpoon Harry's Higher Primates F
  RGC Insurance Sudden Death  
NOV 5-8 Angelina's Pizza Jeff's Gems A
  Schooner Wharf Blue Heaven B
  Harpoon Harry's Bone Island Bocce C
  The Big Lebocce DJ's Clam Shack D
  Cracked Conch Sudden Death E
  Wayne's World RGC Insurance F
  Who Higher Primates G
NOV 12-15 Blue Heaven Higher Primates A
  Angelina's Pizza DJ's Clam Shack B
  Sudden Death Schooner Wharf C
  Wayne's World Cracked Conch D
  The Big Lebocce RGC Insurance E
  Who Bone Island Bocce F
  Harpoon Harry's Jeff's Gems  
NOV 19-22 BYE WEEK    
NOV 26-29 Harpoon Harry's DJ's Clam Shack A
  Wayne's World Sudden Death B
  Who Jeff's Gems C
  Angelina's Pizza RGC Insurance D
  Blue Heaven Bone Island Bocce E
  The Big Lebocce Cracked Conch F
  Schooner Wharf Higher Primates G
DEC 3-6 Schooner Wharf Wayne's World A
  Harpoon Harry's RGC Insurance B
  The Big Lebocce Sudden Death C
  Higher Primates Bone Island Bocce D
  Who DJ's Clam Shack E
  Blue Heaven Jeff's Gems F
  Angelina's Pizza Cracked Conch G


DEC 8 & 9



Southernmost Bocce League