• Officers
Name Position Phone# E-Mail
Neil Mellies President 304-6595


Anjy Megow Scorekeeper 849-3719


Trixie Phelan Secretary 923-1194


Brittani Harden Treasurer 395-0031


Pat Lash Vice President 797-5061


Bocce Team Captains

CHEWBOCCE Frank Castellanos 305-304-7608
CORK & STOGIE Dave Bevens 305-407-0415
ESKY RODS Ian Lauritzen 305-896-6945
KEYS ARMORED EXPRESS Kevin Degraffenreid 305-797-2803
LAST CHANCE Rick Borrego 305-923-1414
LONG HAIR DON'T CARE Cole Mayer 305-509-2450
MISSION IMBOCCEBALL Shane Briening 786-205-8525
McKENDRY BUILDERS Brian McKendry 305-304-7937
SMOKIN ' MAD DASHERS Amy Jones 615-406-9396
TEAM GFB Brian Miller 787-935-4015
THE PORCH Gwen Esbensen 305-923-5196
VOYINGO Alan Pairmont 646-666-7750
WATERFRONT BREWERY Neil Mellies 305-304-6595
WE-CYCLE Coco Ono 305-304-5514
5 BROTHERS Pedro Arencibia 305-797-8492
BLACK DAWGZ Evan Bell 305-797-0633
DEBOCCERY Morgan Green 757-880-5650
LETO CHIROPRACTIC Daryl leto 305-394-1932
MO BETTA BOCCE Garth Holtkamp 305-394-3383
MR Z'S Billy Busche 305-394-5362
ON MILLS ACCOUNT Bill Gillette 305-296-2060
ORCHID KEY BAR Jose Perez 305-731-3761
PILAR BOCCE BANDITS Peter Petro 305-240-0983
PLANTMAN John Moeller 305-393-4077
SANDBAR SUPPER CLUB Kevin Robertson 305-495-1504
SHANNA KEY Mike Gibson 305-360-0842
SMOKIN' TUNA Bob Farrow 410-598-7628
SPENCER'S BOATYARD Julie Hendricks 305-296-8888

ANGELINA'S PIZZERIA Cale Hartle 305-364-9207
BAREFOOT COOLERS Daryl Reidel 305-879-5100
BLUE HEAVEN Richard Hatch 305-
BOCCE BALLERS Lee Mattingly 305-797-6435
CRACKED CONCH Whitey Chancey 305-296-6639
DJ'S CLAM SHACK Doug Bell 305-872-8221
GREEN PARROT Lew Balazy 305-942-6115
HARPOON HARRY'S Debbie Scardina 305-304-1500
JEFF'S GEMS Jeff Woessner 305-619-1249
JOLLY'S OFF THE WALL Frankie Veliz 305-393-5270
RGC INSURANCE Donald Curry 305-296-5538
SCHOONER WHARF Don Simononi 305-294-6704
SUDDEN DEATH Marie Castillo 305-394-0369
WHO Chuck Polley 305-942-9079

BALLS TO THE WALL Kim Martin 305-395-0829
DON KEYS Jay O'Neill 305-432-0944
DON'S PLACE Dave Kirchoff 305-797-3235
HELL'S RANGERS Alan Case 305-
KW CIGAR CLUB Matt Pellerito 305-747-2570
LAST CALL Eddie Tortolano 305-304-1857
MISFIT TOYS Charlie Grzybnski 978-764-2465
NOT DON'S PLACE Vic Cain 305-942-5395
ONLY THE NUTS Richard Whitman 305-747-6614
PEPE'S CAFE Trixie Phelan 305-923-1194
ROLLING STONES Rick Cleghorn 305-
SHIMP DADDY'S Billy Drager 586-219-1458
SONS & DAUGHTERS OF ITALY George Hazzis 757-777-7888
WAYNE'S WORLD Wayne Benner 305-849-1092


Key West, Florida

Courts Location

Address Info:
Indigenous Park - White Street/Atlantic Blvd.
Key West, FL
Email: trixphelan@gmail.com

League Business:

Members wishing to discuss League business with any League officials are asked to do so when the official is not involved in playing a game.

Make-Up Games:

A League official or the League scorekeeper must be notified by BOTH TEAM CAPTAINS in advance when a make-up game or match is scheduled. All make-up games/matches shall be played on the assigned court at Indigenous Park and must be completed by the established deadline each season. The rules of the League shall apply during all make-up games and a score sheet must be completed and signed by both captains.

If one team captain can document, in writing, that three reasonable attempts were made to reschedule a make-up game or match, the make-up date shall be set by League officials.

Matches not played by the end of the season shall be counted as losses for both teams.